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Originally Posted by jrhendy View Post
There was a "George The Greek" who was a top three cushion player in Los Angeles who played at Romy's at 4th & Main in the 60's. Is that the same guy?

My claim to fame in Billiards is beating The Ghost two games to 15 when he came to CA a year or so ago. I started playing billiards around 1960 at San Gabriel Lanes and played a bit with Charlie Milliken. Watched you play at California Billiards in San Jose in the 80's.
John, did you know "Tommy the Greek" from 4th and Main? And did you know how good he used to play? In the 30s around Bensingers he played 1pkt about as good as anybody. He used to play Chicago Pony 8 to 6. In '69 or '70 I met him at 4th and Main. He was crying about being helpless and having one foot in the grave. I felt sorry for him and didnt try to play him. A month or so later he played Eddie Taylor to a 24 hour draw playing 1pkt $100 a game even. Later, I found out from some Bensinger old timers that he had been dying from that same heart failure since the 30s.

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