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Originally Posted by J.R. View Post
My friend in Tennessee is currently 68 years old and still plays a super solid game of one pocket. He mentioned that some of the better one pocket players he was competing with when he first moved to the Nashville area were a bit older than him and have since passed away. Another player, probably the best one who frequented JOB's named "Pickle," is currently incarcerated for a zillion years. Yet, my friend still goes to JOB's to play once a week in a league but gets depressed each time because of the deplorable conditions. We've all seen those pool rooms where a great owner dies and the new owners know nothing about how to run a pool room. Maybe JOB's needs that cable TV reality guy who comes into a failing business and revamps it for the current owner.
Bobby Pickle was a great player and great fun to watch. Could beat anybody on a bar box when he was right. Beat Effern in the 9 ball at DCC once. Won and lost thousands playing pool. One of those super high octane guys. Unfortunately in and out of prison a lot. Bad druggie. The last deal, him and a couple other guys were on a 3 day drug bender and kidnapped this guy to rob him, guys name was, got caught and they threw away the key this time as far as i know
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