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Originally Posted by Dennis "Whitey" Young View Post
Does anyone play full rack banks anymore, or is that game lost to the ages?

I place full rack banks 2nd only to One Pocket in players strategy! There generally is a lot of safety and strategy play, and you have to know this to be able to play the game correctly.

I never played half rack banks so really can not comment on it except I believe it would change the game quite a bit.

I have to wonder when Johnston City added banks to their tournament if they played full rack or half rack!

I'd pay to see a pay per view of a full rack bank match between a couple of top notch bankers for some serious cash, for it truly is a fascinating game! But, which two players? Whitey
The Jansco Brothers never included Banks in their all-arounds. There were a couple/few all-around format tournaments between Johnston City and DCC but pretty much one offs. I believe one used something like a race to 23 balls, that was full rack... not totally sure though. I think that "race to a number of balls) was an RA innovation.
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