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Originally Posted by NH Steve View Post
The Jansco Brothers never included Banks in their all-arounds. There were a couple/few all-around format tournaments between Johnston City and DCC but pretty much one offs. I believe one used something like a race to 23 balls, that was full rack... not totally sure though. I think that "race to a number of balls) was an RA innovation.
I had a brain freeze! Jansco, was OP, Straight Pool, and 9-ball. Thanks for the correction!

Crabtree; it good to hear that full racks are still played.

Island dr.; in so. cal. late 60's early 70's full racks were only played. And yes I totally agree it definitely helps with your 9-ball push out game, a pre-requisite if you were to become a top notch 9-ball player, for many times a guy pushes out for a bank!

I pushed out once to the head rail and I had the 8 on center diamond and 9 on 1st diamond on the foot rail. I had to make sure the push was where the 8 ball could not be banked straight back for it was a kiss, so the opponent, Al the owner of Lakewoood Family Billiards, would give me the shot back. I slammed it with high reverse and back bank the 8 and the cue ball hug the foot rail and reversed off the side rail and held up for a straight in on the 9-ball. That's 9- ball back then! Al said; " I would not of given you the shot back if I knew you could hold up the ball like that"! That's shoot out! Whitey
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