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Originally Posted by NH Steve View Post
The Jansco Brothers never included Banks in their all-around. There were a couple/few all-around format tournaments between Johnston City and DCC but pretty much one-offs. I believe one used something like a race to 23 balls, that was full rack... not totally sure though. I think that "race to a number of balls) was an RA innovation.
There is a double elimination bank tournament that is hosted at least twice a year by room owner and member John Lavin at the "Red Shoes Billiards" in Alsip (a southwestern suburb of Chicago), Illinois.

The format is the winner of the flip of a coin breaks a full rack. The entire full rack is played out. The player who made the last ball of the first rack then breaks the second full rack until that rack is played out. In turn, the player who made the last ball of the second rack then breaks the third and final full rack.

There are a total of 45 balls in the three full racks. The first to legally bank 23 balls wins the match. The scoring is continuous. For example, a player who banked 10 balls to his opponent's 5 balls would need 13 more balls to win the match. The player who needed 13 balls could conceivably win the match in the second rack. In contrast, the player who banked 5 balls in the first rack would need 18 balls to win the match and would need balls from both the second and third racks to win the match.

Additionally, any fouls occurring in the second and third racks are not taken from the totals of the first rack. Those fouls that do occur in the second and third racks must be paid during the play of those individual racks.
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