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Talking Houston, We Have a Problem

Hi all,

Just logged into a computer at the hotel since I have no more matches in tournament play, sadly. I finished one out the money in the first seniors event I qualified for...I hope I remember my time here in a month or so.

Bogie's is a great room and they are treating the players really well and they said they want this tournament as long as the players want to play. Thank you! John Rizzo is a great guy and he and his staff know how to run a tourney properly. (As you know it's not easy running a 1pocket tourney since the matches may take a very long time making it tough to schedule). Included in this thank you is John Henderson and his tireless effort in coordinating this event. Plus, he's just fun to have in any poolroom/event. Thank you, John, it is always great to see you again.

Bogies even has an old Brunswick Centennial billiard table w/those cool aluminum sides. Plays a little short, but fun to stroke the balls anyway, I played a few times w/Larry (lll) and Disco Dave. Dave I had met previously but it was nice to finally meet Larry.

I finally had a chance to meet the "Tall" one, Jeff Sparks. And I would like to thank him for starting the seniors event. Thank you!

I do want to mention that Frank the Barber and Tom Wirth are missed but know we were thinking of you guys. Get well Frank!

I'm not going to list all those I have met because I will leave out some and feel bad (again, seniors event), but know that I enjoyed meeting everyone from for the first time, and seeing those I have previously met again. Steve has created a fantastic home for us 1pocket lovers and I really feel close to all. Great group of degenerates. hehe

I do want to mention one person I met for the first time as he has always been my coolest internet friend, Art "Doc" Tripp. What an honor it was to meet someone that used to play w/Zappa/Mothers. I brought a couple of CDs that he played on to get his autograph, which he graciously complied. Thanks Doc!

My journey this trip:

wed: played Nick P. (Jakie) 2 sessions, a few hours each time w/a break for dinner. Nick is a really smart player and I learned a few things from him which is why I like playing different people. After the smoke cleared I won one game and hopefully made a friend.

thurs: Kentucky and I played on the tightest table in the house (I think) and my stroke tightened up as I must say I was intimidated by the table. Neither could break serve for like 8 or 10 games so we were even. Then I finally won on KY's break and won 4 in a row. The funniest thing that happens (wish I had it on video) was when KY, who plays w/an extension all the time like SVB or Earl, had to put on another extension to reach a shot (or pole vault not sure which), as he was putting it on and holding his cue up, his cue hit the ceiling fan and made a very loud noise. I almost soiled myself. I won a couple more games before we quit.

Tourney: I drew Cary first round, Bob second round, both members that I have not previously met. Enjoyed playing both. 3rd round I drew Warren who is a member that just started posting more often. He is long time friends w/Robert Newkirk. When we met earlier I told him he couldn't sneak up on anyone because Robert told us he was a good player. Warren said "There are 3 "Tells" in communication: Telegraph; telephone; and tell Robert." hahaha As you can tell, warren is also a great guy that I enjoyed meeting and playing. He and KY matched up a bunch.

My 4th match on the winners side was very disappointing. winner is guaranteed 5/6th and a piece of the calcutta and in the money for the tourney as well. I played a good player, James Davis Sr. The first game I played well, the 2nd game we both gave up the game, but I ended up winning that one so I was up 2-0 and had a 5-1 lead in balls in the 3rd. I don't have to tell you how disappointed I was to lose that game. I had chances and tightened up and dogged it (yes, I said it). sigh. I'm taking nothing away from James, he really finished strong after seeing me weaken up. I hope he does well.

5th match was with Scott Kiddo who is playing really well (straight strokin' SOB). I was proud of the way I played except for working my way to steal a game or 2 only to miss balls when I had a chance. I enjoyed our match but I lost 3-2. That was to get into the money so Scott and I made a $100 saver so the loser got a little ,

Looking forward to the final day, there are some monster players at this event. Maybe I'll learn something.

Can I tell the KY story again where he speared his cue into the ceiling fan? Ok, maybe not.

And one last thing, it's good to see my old roomie again, the pilot, here. He gets on the table in the morning then plays all day no matter who the opponent. He may get the iron man award.

Ok, that's my report. I played more pool this trip than I have in the last month combined and I woke this morning w/cramps in both my hamstrings...It hurt. But it was worth every sore muscle. Thanks again to every one involved.

"One out of the money" Dave.

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