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Originally Posted by keoneyo View Post
Great write up Dave. Thank you.
Thanks, Keoneyo!

Originally Posted by HowardK View Post

I guess you didn't find an In 'N Out in Houston. i know you OD'd on it at Fremont. I thought that was your secret I hope it was as I have been practicing all year.
Funny, but don't I wish there was one here. Glad you're practicing.

Originally Posted by chicagomike View Post
Thanks for the solid report Dave! How old do you have to be to play in this senior event? I'm looking forward to it some day(probably pretty soon)....
65 by the end of this calendar year - I turn 65 in a few days. you have a little while yet.

Originally Posted by jtompilot View Post
Dave, thanks for the 3 rail tip. It cost Robert $25
So nice seeing you again and glad something I said helped, it's a miracle. hahaha

Originally Posted by FastEddieF. View Post
Thanks for the report Dave.
You're welcome, why aren't YOU here???????

Originally Posted by GoldCrown View Post
You are commended for being on the playing field. Without people like you there is no tournament.
I had a ball so no problem. But I couldn't even watch anymore play tonight so I'm back in the hotel. Ike is playing Dr. Bill for 2/3rd winner to play the guy that beat me after I had a big lead. Oh, what may have been (not ).

Peace. Out.
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