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but i dont think the small number of regular posters and an aggressive presenter should rock the world of one pocket and change the official rules

I remember a time when you came to OPORG to do WWYDís. Does anyone still do WWID, not WYWD? Now another thread has popped up to do Gradyís rule. The reason Gradyís rule isnít the rule is because more people than not like the end game. You canít just play it in tournaments to learn it, you would have to gamble too. No one wanted to gamble playing with a rule change that would significantly change the end game of one pocket. No one likes the wedge either. After the wedge was shattered, fewer and fewer players played it, unless they wanted to play a game that lasted five hours and a match a day. There is a guy who plays like that out here and heís a big time gambler. Itís his stik. There is no action between us.
It is aggravating at all the proposed rule changes people want to the MOT. We can make one change and see if that works. Forget changing the break. The last day, four players. Two winners. Two losers. Thatís it. If it goes to three am, we shoot them both, or all four. Thatís two changes, but WTH.
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