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Yeah, I definitely understand some of those feelings (except the winning part lol)
The table situation was a real bummer. I know for a few years now the Ghost has not been coming mainly because of that issue, and here we are this year, it gets even worse with them using even the action room tables for the tournament most of the time.

Keep your chin up brother and don't forget the game can even be fun and invigorating, win or lose (well, within limits of course). But I certainly get you about wishing I could pocket balls better. Nothing worse than beating a champion to the shot, then dogging the shot and watching them run 8 and out. But I know for me, such is my lot, I'm afraid I am stuck with that.

Anyway it was great to see you, even though I wish it had lasted longer, and thank you for the pins again this year!!!
"One Pocket, it's an epidemic and there ain't no cure."
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