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If you don't mind, I'm going to piggy back on your thread Chris

I had a wonderful time for 7 days -- the best part being mixing and reconnecting and meeting new members of from all over. Every One Pocket match with a member in it, had a few fellow members sweating it that I saw, all the way through Ben's 10th round loss

I brought my cue in every day, but really only got to the table 2-3 times -- once starting 11 PM, once starting midnight (both of those on tournament tables after hours) and just once briefly in the morning in the action room before they took over those for the tournament (which they did almost all week every day this year -- bummer!!). So bottom line is, DCC is not a great place for us to match up with each other even though there are tons of us there. We simply cannot get tables! Out MOT, Senior & I'm guessing Memphis are much better for that!! And maybe even the Hague lol

The Hall of Fame dinner was inconveniently moved all the way to the 4th floor of the casino -- on the boat -- this year, due to the major construction going on at the Horseshoe. The staffer I deal with for the dinner said it is an 85 million dollar renovation, the main thing being the boat casino is going to be gone, and a new casino built on land, due to changes in Indiana gaming laws. It is supposed to be done just prior to next year's DCC.

That said, the dinner seemed to really go well, witha full house over in the Diamond VIP room of the casino where they are usually wining and dining their high roller gamblers. Scott was truly humbled, and emotional, and James Walden was appreciative as well. Shannon Daulton is a good presenter, in my opinion, although he is following tough precedent of Grady and Freddy, Shannon kind of bridges the generations because he started so young!

I want to thank all of our members that came and supported the dinner! This is OUR HOF, and it will not stay as successful and meaningful if you all do not continue to come and support it -- thank you. And even for those who cannot come, I want to thank you for getting involved in the nomination and election process, because that too, is VERY important to create the significant event that is the HOF dinner! So keep it up guys!!

My son Travis, who really does not play pool much, since he seems to have missed out on the genes that draw you to the game and that help you see the angles involved, yet he thoroughly enjoyed taking in the culture and seeing what his dad is doing there for the week. Of course I put him to work at the HOF dinner lol, but I also know he had a lot of fun seeing me get worked over for that! I tried to introduce him to as many people as I could. It was funny, because often when I made an introduction, or pointed someone out, he had already heard that name or maybe seen photos or bits of Accustats scenes, so he knew many more names than what I expected. That was fun!!

Of course, the One Pocket ran way over their planned Thursday night finals, so again this year I was gone when there were still 4-5 players left in the tournament.

This year you had record entries in all divisions, and record competition for the limited tables they can place at the Horseshoe, with several tables dedicated to Straight Pool, and of course the Big Foot from Friday through Monday. Plus I never hear it mentioned that in recent years they raised the 9-ball race from 7 to 9. That adds a lot to 9-ball. Imagine if I suggested the One Pocket go from a race to 3 to a race to 4, which is close to the equivalent!! The reason that is an issue is simply the overlap between One Pocket & 9-ball on Wednesday and Thursday in particular. Although they begin Wednesday with all One Pocket matches, once they do the 9-ball draw between 1 and 2 PM they switch almost entirely to 9-ball, wanting to get through a whole round of that on Thursday if they can. Even though by Thursday morning they needed only 10 tables for One Pocket matches, they had NONE scheduled until noon -- virtually making inevitable that the One Pocket would not finish by any time Thursday night.

For One Pocket, while they considered going with the "Grady Rule", instead they had in place a warning system, triggered by their software, which apparently shows what time each match theoretically started. They were going to warn players after 2-1/2 hours, and then take drastic measures (sweep the balls, re-lag and break for one winner take all match). I never heard of that happening, despite some fairly long matches, so I believe what was really in place this year was mainly the threat that they might do something drastic, and encouraging players to move along with their matches.

One Of the longest matches I saw was between Gomez and Aranas, which was in a deep round like 10 or 11 -- I am not sure how long the match took as a whole but I saw one game that featured about 4 balls on the table, for about an hour before Gomez finally maneuvered a victory. And both of those guys are considered shooters, right!!

I do find it kind of ironic that often it is the great "shooters", not "movers" that seem to get involved in those mind numbingly long matches lol.
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