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Default Mkbtankís Derby report

My derby report:

What a fun trip!

Day one - arrived and after checking in, took a ride with Jakie, Jlong, and the pilot over to the Louisville Billiard club to meet Crabcatjohn and play on their red label diamonds. I donít play on a diamond table all year but these were even more different than the blue labels at the derby. Still we grinded it out and had fun. Ben and his wife Christina joined us also.

My tournament matches: My first match was against a straight shooting kid from St Louis who KollegeDave knew. He shot very straight and it went to the hill game with him taking a 3-0 lead, but I was able to stay calm and come back for the W. My second match was against the shredder Danny Smith, and thatís just what he did. He made the greatest shot Iíve ever seen in person to start his first 8 and out in the first game. Here was the layout. I thought I was ok but he crossbanked the 10 ball, splashed the stack, and ran out.

Here was the layout and the shot. (His pocket is on the left)

Second game he left me a bank after the break but I had to punch it to go below another ball on his side. It came up short and sold out a shot and bam, another 8 and out. Third game I hung in there and took a 5-2 lead and actually made a few nice shots.. but he found an offensive shot, took it, and cleaned em up. I have to say he was a gentleman when we played so it was enjoyable even though he got me. Bought back and my next match was against a seasoned player from Wisconsin. Very intense and took the game seriously. He had a 7-5 lead in the first game with all balls uptable. Two on my side and one in on his. He left the cue near my pocket and I was able to one rail the ball on his side and get behind the other two and steal the game. Next game he had me 7-4 and again I was able to come back and steal. He was beside himself and when I hid him in the stack in the third game he shot at the wrong hole and I ended up winning from there. My final tournament match was against our own John Rawski. What a fun battle!!! John plays a very safe game and is a true grinder! I was able to dial myself back as well and every game came down to the last couple of balls. John beat me 3-0 but if you saw the match you would have seen how close it was. Or maybe Iím crazy lol. At one point about 45 minutes into the first game we had to stop and take a couple of pics for you fellas lol. Groan.

Regarding playing other members I was able to get to the table for at least a few games with the following guys... Kybanks, Cincykid, Col Bille, ChicagoMike, Jakie, crabbcat, jlong, Hardmix, Onerock (one game) and Bernie. Our last night there after the Mini Jakie (Nick) and I played races to 3 and that sucker refused to let me sleep! Something about these oldheads and their ridiculous stamina! We finished at 8:30am so no sleep and a looong travel day home lol.

The highlight of the Derby for me really is the camaraderie amongst us guys. Meeting some new 1p brethren (Catkins and KYbanks) was a real treat. Was nice for Ben and Johns wives to come and support them and hang with us as well! Itís a bit of a guessing game playing on diamonds so I feel like my game always takes a 20% drop while Iím there, but itís still the best trip in town!! Was great seeing you fellas and I hope to see you in Memphis and again at the Members Tournament!!
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