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Originally Posted by sappo View Post
Tony is an amazing pool player. He has got to be the best player to watch however I can't put my money on him. He does not have the discipline or the patience to play the game that gives him the optimum chance to win.
Ive said it before and Im sure Ill say it again, his nickname shouldn't be T Rex it should be T Reckless......... Keith
I just happen to be one of those people that put T-Rex in games. I put him in a game with a guy I beat and he promptly lost two sets fast. He shot at everything and he wanted to play a third set. I said no because he wasnít playing any safes. He said he would play smarter. 0-3 when we left. Not Tonyís money, he doesnít care. Tony is the most imaginative player. Players like Alex have the same knowledge but they want for THE shot. Tony pushes, then pushes some more. I do miss seeing him play. Big guy with such a nice stroke.
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