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Howdy All;

Saturday I was doing well felt good and was sinking balls at a good pace. Banks
were going in when I need them to and some just thumbed their nose at me
letting me know I'm still human.

Today I went in for practice and to check-out somethings. Worked the twist drill
for a few racks of balls, then 3 racks of rotation. Did well, with each. What I was
wanting to check-out were the rail positions from Freddy's book the one's where
you extend the rails and use the corresponding locations on the rails to work the
magic ... Today I was looking and working the short rail to the side pocket. yea
it's a bar box but I did measure the pockets and all pockets on both tables
come in at 4.5" (don't think I'd mentioned that bit before). All-in-all I feel
good about today's session it lasted almost 4 hours.

As always, thanks for any thoughts or suggestions.

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