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Portland: Don't really know any places to play, but call pool halls in the area, and ask where these guys are.. They are where the action is.

Brad Gowan - Good player.. Will prob play some cheap..

Glenn Atwell - Dunno why this guy hasn't won a pro event yet. Mebbe health reasons, mebbe nerves. A stone cold player..

Al Perez Good bar table player - dunno if he plays One Pocket, but he's a gambler, so I assume so.


Bruce Robertson - Owner of Dr Cue's, Plays pretty decent

Joe Chun Pretty decent dunno if he still lives there.

Vince Frayne Good player dunno if he still lives there..

J.D. A player who will give you all you can handle... Unless you can spot Keith McCready the breaks in One Pocket... He will give you a spot, but prob not what you need... Not sure how low he will play. Sky is probably the limit on upper end.

Mike Zimmerman see above

Tim Tweedle Good player, stroots pretty straight


Clark Smith at City Lights Billiards will play you some cheap.. Or he might play you for free!! a really good guy.

These people I knew from 10 years back, but I know at least half of them are still there. Have fun!!

Russ C.

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