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Originally Posted by Tom Wirth View Post
Observation is the key to learning these shots. Example: Does the cue ball return too sharply into the rail the second time? If so the angle into the rail may not be direct enough. Try increasing the angle.

Conversely, maybe the cue ball never gets back to the rail a second time. Possibly you hit too deeply behind the ball and caught it too thinly. One way this can happen is if the object ball has more than a ball and a half gap between it and the rail. Experimentation and observation will tell you what you need to know and how to adjust for the situation.

Keep in mind that during practice sessions all the shots you execute have value. Even the ones that don't come out as planned. You may, in a real match, wish to intentionally play that very shot that came out poorly in practice. Don't waste even the errors you preform. They are just as valuable as you successes. Maybe more so.

Thanks Tom!
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