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Originally Posted by Erik View Post
I am using up some vacation time in June and will be making a road trip through the South and Midwest. I am looking for anyone who would be interested in being photographed. My photography work usually revolves around my current paths in life and this past year I have gotten back into playing pool, mostly one pocket, and I want to make a body of photographs with pool as a theme. I plan for the images to be somewhat moody, low key, candid, and generally different from say JP Paramentier or any of the types of photographs you might usually see in billiard industry magazines and advertisements. No flash involved.

Basically, I would be happy to photograph anyone practicing and would cover your table time. I am also happy to play anyone for cheap (Iím an artist ) or just to pass the time. I am planning on driving from where I live in Wilmington, DE to Huntsville, AL to watch the pro one pocket event and from there slowly making my way up to Madison, WI to visit a friend, then back to DE. Start date for my trip will be May 29 or so and end around June 23. I would be happy to meet up with anyone anywhere near that path, so VA, WV, TN, AL, KY, IN, IL, WI, OH, etc.

You can look at my website if you are interested to see work I have made in the past: And feel free to message me or reply in the thread with any questions. Many thanks, Erik.
Also there is a big member 1p tournament in Chicago June 16 through 18th that you might want to check out.
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