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Originally Posted by El Chapo View Post
That would not work, although i like the idea personally. I think the evolution of the kitchen bih in one pocket came about because you do not want guys jamming the cb in between the rail and a ball that is about a ball off the rail, which would happen if you played ball in hand. See what i mean? The guy would try to almost freeze the cb behind a ob close to the rail, then there could be a push shot and it would be a nightmare.

I am telling you, that is why i proposed the moving headstring scenario. Player could place it behind head, foot or middle string (or if td wanted a more conservative approach, maximum could me middle string only). Middle string being the line between two side pockets of course. And just shoot as normal, only at balls "above" the line.

That would make amateur one pocket tournaments go seriously i am talking twice as fast!! Don't you guys think? The amount bad players scratch in a pocket, combined with them now being able to run serious balls behind almost any scratch in a pocket. I think that right there is the answer to speeding up one hole at an amateur level... not sure how much faster it would make pro events... but pro events on tight pockets it would make it way faster as well.

At least you put a lot of thought into this.. Have to respect it.. Just like when somebody like Ronnie suggests a rule change, like Bill M. mentioned, you ought to consider it... I listen to Marty Herman stream rants sometimes while I'm playing cards, or reading message boards, or eating.. He played a lot of money one pocket in his past.. He says the game is not good now.. Says it would take not only a shot clock, but also a game clock, to be worth a shit.. In other words, a game could end 5-4 or even 1-0.. And he's not liberal with the amount of time in a game, either.. It's SHORT.. Many ideas...
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