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Thank you all so much for the kind words. It means a lot to me coming for you guys. As some of you know, I took a 16 yr break from pool returning a little over 3 years ago. When I came back I was ready to resume playing rotation only to find everyone playing one pocket. I knew nothing about the game, i still donít know much, but I was fortunate enough to stumble upon the community here at On this site I have not only learned shots, moves, and strategies but I have also made some great friends as well.

Ok now on to a trip report. I booked the hotel Saturday-Thursday thinking I will get knocked out by Wednesday, if am lucky, and then head out Thursday morning to see accounts in Louisville, lexington, and Nashville on the way home. Obviously the best laid plans often go awry.

I wonít go through all of the matchís but one match that I enjoyed was against Al Markasky, sorry if I butchered the last name Al. I see Jerry or Bill mentioned his name in another tread. I can tell you Al is a very good player and even a nicer guy.

Unfortunately, my last match was my worse showing of the tournament. We were supposed to play at 2:00 so I fueled up at noon and was ready to go only to sit around til 5:15. I had checked out of the hotel in the morning so I could not go lounge around in the room.

So as we are getting ready to start the match I am taking inventory of how I feel. I was a bit frustrated with the delay and I knew I did not have enough in the tank for a prolonged match so I decided this is going to be shooters match. Which in all honesty is probably the best approach. I know I canít out move these guys but I can run balls wth them.

Gomez wins the lag and the first game. I take the 2nd. The 3rd Gomez lays down a good break. I decided on a aggro response caroming the 3 of the bottom of the stack and clearing is pocket. I read the stack wrong and Gomez gets a free shot with open table, game to Gomez. The 4th game was interesting/frustrating. I donít recall the score but itís early in the game when Gomez left me a long rail bank below the stack. There were 2 balls slightly above the ball I wanted to shoot. It was a straight forward bank but if I twisted it and held the cb where it was I could then bank the ball next to it and get behind the stack where I could do some real damage. I went for the twist hitting it poorly and selling out. Gomez makes 4 and gets stuck plays a poor safe, leaving me a back cut that I make and try running Cb 2 rails out of his corner into the stack but barley miss it. This shot would have changed the game. We trade punches from there with Gomez ultimately prevailing. I had my chances but could not get it done.

I donít know that I will ever go this deep again at the DCC. Although it wonít be for a lack of trying! That said, it was a great experience overall and it was pretty cool to see my name on the board with 23 other stone cold killers. In the end, I went out on my terms....guns blazing!

Thank you again for all of the support, you are a great group that I hope to continue to learn from.

Ben smith - Hardmix
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