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Default Talk about changing...

In Korea this week they held the 1st 3C Masters Challenge.

The top 24 players, (6 groups of 4) in the world competed in a NEW unusual format. The top 2 from each group went on to the next rounds.

Two selected players play against 20 innings, along with 20 random 1st shot computer generated positions. The most TOTAL number of points made in the allotted 20 innings by one of the 2 players is the winner of that match.

The high scoring number of points in the 20 ings was 77 by Marco Zanetti.
The high run was 16 by Eddy Merckx.

The final of the event was to be with 2 Belgian players, Eddy Merckx (1st) and Eddy Leppens (2nd).

First prize was 40,000.00 euros, second prize was 20,000.00 euros.
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