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Originally Posted by 1 HOLE NUT View Post
After being in my biggest Action/Practice drought in some 15 years if you would have told me I was going to beat Mr. Tom Wirth, Mr. Robert Newkirk, then Mr. Wirth again in the finals to claim my biggest one hole tournament payday, i would have literally laughed out loud(LOL). I went to this tournament with ZERO expectation for a long run, really just wanting to get into as much action as i could, and with some OK play and some lucky rolls and twist I surpassed any and all my expectations.

Thank You to Col. Bille for dealing with my little quirts and giving me positive reinforcement to my game.

Thank You Mr. Bill Rowsey for "EVERYTHING!!" you did for this tournament from money to the unmatched hospitality you gave each and everyone of us fellow one pocketers. You have been a legendary name for Mississippi Pool for decades, and all though you got my game overrated I want to also thank you setting a benchmark for me to continue to play this game for.

Thank You John Crabb, Dustin Miller, Jeanne Long, Bill Meyers, Matt Hilton, and whoever else help with the production of this great event that I hope to never miss.

Thank you Tom Wirth for giving me a cheap spar lesson when I got to town that only cost me pool time and a meal, i have always been a hands on person and playing(gambling) with you helps my game, and is worth every penny in my opinion. I know it has been a long time since you have been in the heat of a real battle and I know your game is above what you played this weekend, but i hope u know it was an honor to get to compete with you, and made some great shots both offence and defense.

Thank you to the one and only FEDEX Johnny Willis you are a really big reason I won this thing, gambling with you was the push i needed to beat those guys, im so glad i didn't have to face you in this thing because you got what it takes to snap it off as well.

1st match John Rawski, he told me about his glasses issue and I don't know if that was a problem for him but he never really seem to get anything going on me, i think it was the 1st game where at one point he had 7 coins on the rail, I would love to say I had something to do with that but I really didn't. I know he is a real strong player and was excited to get to play him and as a bonus we played on the only Diamond in the building.

2nd match John Crabb he may have been a bit distracted with helping with tournament, and I was able to not give him much to shoot at even though we played on one of the bigger pocket Gold Crowns that i'm not fan of or very comfortable playing on. I don't run balls real well so the tighter the table the better for me to try and out move someone IMO.

3rd match THE Tom Wirth to say I was everything that makes you dog it was an understatement, but getting to know Mr. Tom from the 1st MOT to this weeks event has given me a bit of comfortableness that helps me stay under control with him, he is a friendly and funny guy, but with the fact that he has just about every shot in his arsenal you have to play your very best to win, well i did not play my best, but he will probably tell you he did not as well, nevertheless playing him felt like I was on one of the accustat videos that I have watched of 2 great champs playing shots that I may never have the nerve to shoot, caroms, combos, banks, multi-rail safety moves, but this best move that i like most was the one before the 1st game as he bends down to break the balls he looks up and says, " You have read my book?" I was able get by him to play on Sunday, sorry i don't have more details on this match because the shot he plays in this was great, wish i could get a copy of it.

4th match Mr. Robert Newkirk, he beat me in Chalmette, he beat me here in September, and i though about those matches alot and the main thing i felt i did wrong in those was i let him control every aspect of the games and matches, and after winning gambling all weekend and winning up to this point i had the confidence and told myself and even told him that im going at him instead him over powering me, that will only work if i was accurate enough, and keep balls by my hole, i did not do that great, but i defiantly was not going to try to move with his 40 plus years of knowledge. It was very tight and great match that is going to help my game so many ways.

Finals Mr. Wirth this was a replay of our match from the day before, he had great shots that was a bit off leaving just enough window for me to gain the victory.

I do want to say this though both Mr. Robert, and Mr. Wirth missed shots in our matches that would have ended my run to win this event and i would be a fool to sit here and say I beat these guys i know that they beat themselves more than i beat them.

Also i want to say of my excitement actions that i was doing during any of my matches, that i mean ZERO disrespect towards my opponent, i try to show the respect that i would expect to be shown, but i thought about the things i was doing and hopefully everyone knows that i was just overly excited to be where i was.

Sorry if this is unreadable
Well done brother. If I couldn't win then you definitely had my vote. I had to watch the finals from my hotel but I almost jumped out of my boxers when you stroked in that 3-railer. You were definitely the darling of the event.

I too want to thank everyone for making it possible. Well worth the two planes and 3000 miles to get there. I love that place. The locals are super friendly and what can I say about a room with that much character.

See you boys in Philly.

Nick B

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