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Default 6th match Ryan Stone

Sorry I have not posted in awhile been busy trying to make some money before(working) and during the annual Mobile tourney(gambling). I did okay BUT not as good as I should have done(WHOLE DIFFERENT THREAD ALTOGETHER)!

I knew I was in the money and when I saw that I had to play Ryan I was happy and not so all in one, we played in 07' at the Derby if I would have beat him then I would have got to play Ralf Souquet for like 17th place, but besides the fact that he is better than me something happened in the first game that did not help my chances in the match. During the 1st game the ball count was 5 or 6 to 2 his favor, as I was trying to mount a come back I was down on a long rail straight back bank and Larry Nevel with his headphones in bends down on the table behind me and his butt literally shot my shot for me, yep I missed, just like if I was gambling I just said go ahead Ryan. I probably had other options, but never having played in a big tourney before I did not pursue them. I lost that game, and the set 3 to 1. I heard later I think that Ryan placed higher than SVB in all 3 events that year, so I was not too disappointed in 26th place for my 1st big tourney.

I talked to Ryan a bit before our match, and he did not remember 07', O BUT I DID, and i was super pumped to try and beat him this year, but I was also super nervous, more so than in any other match so far. The 1st game was back and fourth for a bit then he just out moved me for the win, then I get the 2nd game it was a tight down to last ball. After me getting it even I started to think I had a chance, and thats all it takes for me to go into straight dog it mode. I need 3 and I have two balls within 3" of my hole and he makes a game losing shot by making a ball and turning the cue ball loose where it stops in inch away from the spot, and when he puts up the ball that went in the side the cue ball and spot ball where about 1/4" away from one another, leaving me a off angle combo, but they were so close that I was worried about fouling, being nervous and not wanting to foul I missed the combo, then on his shot he clears my pocket completely.STICK A FORK IN ME I WAS DONE! My mental game has beat me almost as much as my matching up skills, and even though I have gotten better at one pocket since 07', mentally I still can't beat myself if U know what I mean.

Yes I wanted to win but if I had to pick the guy that I wanted to beat me it is Ryan, he is a class act, great playing, champ. Good shooting Ryan.

Straight to the buy back booth I go to get to play Corey Deuel, Stay Tuned!!!
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