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Old 07-08-2019, 02:22 AM
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Default Hot Day

Itís Sunday afternoon in the city of Baton Rouge and the temperature is 98 degrees. The relative humidity is only 46%, so it could be worse and often is. Have not been out of the house since Friday, and tomorrow is uncertain. Iím not sick, itís just that it is pretty easy to be cool inside and besides, I have been going out too many times when I didnít really feel good enough to play one-pocket, and have embarrassed myself. I need energy to be competitive and I donít always have it.

AT&T contacted me, wanting to know why I had dropped my TV coverage, and I told them that I had quit watching when I discovered YouTube. Now I have a little inside antenna that makes the local news available when I want it. When I broke the ATT package, I saved about eighty dollars a month, and they responded by letting me know that now I would be limited to 1024 gigabytes a month of high-speed internet service. I thought this might be bad news, so I called customer service and asked what my usual usage has been in the past. 48 gigs a month was the answer to that Ė big relief. I suppose the heavy load is gaming and music and movies online. In the bedroom I also have a little inside antenna, and like the one out front it offers about ten to twelve channels, which is more than I need. However, I miss my nightly doses of Forensic Files. Instead, I can pick up Alfred Hitchcock, Mannix and Cannon. No wonder it doesnít cost anything. One night I turned in early and got Jack Benny and then George and Gracie. In the afternoons they offer MASH and Andy Griffith and Gomer Pyle. Hardly any infomercials at all Ė donít know why. (Yes, I do)

On YouTube Iím a junkie on the subject of WWII, and the more I watch the more they offer me. Thereís no end to it Ė it really was the first war to be recorded at length and in detail. If you have ever watched any battlefield pictures from the American Civil War you may have noticed that all those dead soldiers seem to have died face-up, or else somebody was busy rolling them over. Not so WWII and other wars since, where we can see them as they fell. We mustnít forget.

In the same vein, I discovered a series of twenty-minute biographies online, featuring many historical characters of that era, especially in eastern Europe and around the Balkans. The series is called Biographics, and itís put on by an Englishman named Simon Whistler, who lives now in Belgrade for some reason. He is baldheaded, bearded, fast-talking and animated. (I guess you have to wear a beard of some sort to appear on todayís visual media). I have watched his presentations on Hitler, Stalin, Tito, Churchill and such as those. The series is extensive. Unable to help myself I went on to hear about Billy the Kid, Charley Manson, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer and the BTK guy. Simon knows all about everybody and canít wait to tell us.

If movie stars and other entertainers is your thing you might prefer the offerings of Jerry Skinner, who does biographies more domestic. You have to like Jerry and his deep south accent Ė not far from the Gulf coast I imagine.

The Morning Advocate this weekend added a couple of names to the list of clerics Ďcredibly accusedí of sexual abuse in the Baton Rouge Diocese. Up to forty-three now and still counting. Nation-wide itís thousands. I was going to write Ďwho knew?í, but the sad truth is that people did know, but wouldnít tell. Thatís pretty sick. Hundreds of millions of church dollars are being spent every year for the victims and their lawyers. Sex is big, kids are small and a lot of people just arenít worth a shit. Enough about that.

Gonna be a long hot summer, and this is when the coaches discover who really wants to play. LSU should have a good season and a lot is expected from their quarterback. Joe Burrow came south barely a year ago, having seen the handwriting on the wall at Ohio State. Heís cool and smart and he can run a little and we think he will be a winner. But we have to go to Tuscaloosa again Ė annual bullet to bite. Later -
If it ain't funny, it ain't much.
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