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Old 06-28-2012, 11:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Terry Ardeno View Post
I was always a big fan of Luat and Andam. Hardly ever hear any stories about either of them. And for sure, THAT was an "interesting" story, to say the least! He seems (ON TAPE ) to be so quiet and reticent. He's got a little rascal in him after-all!

Thanks for sharing your stories with us John. Always love the behind the scenes goings on from the great players perspective!

Do you have anything you can share with us about you and Shannon either hunting or fishing (for game & fish, not victims on the pool table! ) I'd bet being with you two in a field or on a boat would be a hoot!
Shannon D,my friend Casey and I went out on a charter boat when we were down at Myrtle Beach there a couple years ago at Shore Thing Billiards.Well the night before, we stayed up late and gota bad case of the bottle flu.The next afternoon we had to get on this big boat and go about 7 m off shore fishin.We get out there in the ocean and the stinkin waves were like 10 to 15ft tall rollers.Before we got all the way out there I started to feel kind of funny and they said what's a matter? you don't look so good.I said I think I'm going to go lay down somewhere,I don't feel like fishin.Well the only place I could find was on the top level.That was not the place to be.I curled up in a ball on the hard floor and they sat around me and laughed and took pictures and put it on FB.I layed there like that for 6 or 7 hrs fightin off barfin.Never did barf but I probably should have.Guess what,In about 3 or 4 hrs they were going through the same thing.I just wished I could have laughed at them.It was the worst 6 or 7 hrs of my life,I think.Nobody caught a stinkin fish the whole trip and there were people elbow to elbow.It was awefull.I grew up on the water,just about and would have bet that I would never got sea sick.Wrong again Just a dumb ole story I thought I would share with my pool buds John B.
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