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Old 02-19-2018, 10:56 PM
Ross Keith Thompson Ross Keith Thompson is offline
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Default Raising your game

If you're a veteran player of pocket billiards and your game has kind of flat lined but you are a decent player of pocket billiards you might want to try something different.

Larry Liscotti was a fabulous player of all games, and why is that. Straight pool that's why! He was a solid 14-1 player and it kept his nine ball game solid and his one pocket game formidable.

If anyone on this site wants to raise their game and are willing to put the time into it, try practicing 14-1 every time you go to the pool room.

If you are physically able practice 3 hours a day by yourself!

Do not practice with anyone else, do it alone!

Place a break ball near the stack and bust the stack open plus pocket the ball.

If you run all 14 balls your capable of leaving one ball near the rack for a break ball, if you don't accomplish it do it again.

Every time you go to the pool room, do the same thing over and over again.

If your 14 and 1 game improves guess what, your nine ball game just got better and your one hole game has gotten better all because of a game no one wants to play!

Most players practice what is comfortable for them or just a game they like.

Always practice by yourself if your serious about raising your game and if you can stand practicing 14 and 1 for hours it will pay dividends eventually.

Try this for 8-10 weeks and if you are already a decent player or solid player your game will jump up a notch, racks of 9 ball will come more often, eight and outs will be more common place in your one hole game.

But you have to be disciplined enough to do it.

I was never wild about the game myself but I did practice 14 and 1 occasionally and I believe it helped all my games in doing so.

You learn to break balls out and learn what precision position really is, you develop touch with your cue ball and this influences all pocket billiard games!
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