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Old 03-27-2019, 02:09 AM
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Originally Posted by BRLongArm View Post
Games won by breaker

When breaking from his left side of table -- 20 of 38 (53%)

When breaking from his right side of table -- 24 of 37 (65%)

Total -- 44 of 75 (59%)

Doesn't look like a devastating advantage, at least not in this sample size.
I bet there are tournaments where this number gets up there. almost 60% here. if you look at winning percentages between players, which they had during the ipt, a guy like efren may win 55% of his matches (i can't remember the exact numbers). and other players, who did not win nearly as much, had say 54%. so.... you are saying 59% vs 50% baseline. that is a huge differece (meaning the lag would be the decider a huge amount of the time if I am applying this correctly).... if i got the point across that even one or two percent seems to have drastic impact on who wins the tournaments, at least that was the pattern i noticed when i saw the ipt stats.

i am just not sure why larry is using this as support, and you are saying it is not devastating. vegas operates off of what is it, fractions of a %? idk, but in the long run how can 60-40 not be huge? wouldnt we all jump at betting everything taking 49-51 in the long run?... and this is 40-60.
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