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Old 10-13-2019, 12:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Tom Wirth View Post
Doc., I don't think so. At least not at the Pro level. Remember, Corey was using that break in the very early stages of his One Pocket development. He used it against me the only time we were every matched up in a tournament. He got away with it both times he broke the balls, making one in his hole once, and the other time he had me hooked badly. I did see him use it again against other players in that same event, but it wasn't long after that he used the more conventional break.

We talked later about it and he told me that he felt he was the underdog due to his inexperience. He felt loosening them up took away some of the moving advantages those experience players had. He also told me he had experimented with a few of these wide open breaks and found that open shots to either corner pocket were rare. In this particular case he way right and he beat me with his superior shooting skills.

No, I don't think the wide open break is sensible against top players. However if the breaker can successfully draw the CB off the side rail and get it to the other side, it does open possibilities....... sometimes.

Bill mentioned the Daulton match. I think Shannon was so shocked and pissed that he used that break on him, that he never did get over the disrespect that he may have assumed Corey showed him by using it. We'll never know.

There is a thing or two I don't like about Deuel, but one thing I do admire about him is his ability and conviction to be able to innovate. He's always looking for new and/or unusual methods.

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