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Old 05-02-2019, 12:08 PM
LSJohn LSJohn is offline
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Default Buffalo's Easy Pickins

Buffalo's Mighty 16 is only 3 weeks away and I know some of you boys (and girls -- Hi! Mary) are gettin' the itch. Well you know you can count on your pal LSJohn's altruistic instincts to help you scratch that itch. Fortunately, our even more generous Mr. Booth has agreed to kick in a few thousand (or did he say "hundred"? -- um or "bucks"? -- whatever) if you guys don't mind dropping by to reserve your piece of it.

Steve is very wealthy but I'm not, so be gentle. Besides, we're a little green which is why we're bein' WAY too generous with these sweet prices.

So here goes:

Maximum WIN bet is $100, or even less if you choose a player who is over 550. IOW Maximim payout is 550 to each bettor for each win bet, so adjust the amount of your bet accordingly if you choose a player with longer odds. Example: If you bet JJ to win (+800) maximum bet to win would be $68 to win $545 (round numbers). If you bet Josh, Jason or Evan (+600) it's 90 to win 540.

Minimum bet is $20.

Max Bet $100

1. ALEX PAGULAYAN -- +180. Bet 100 TO WIN 180
2. DENNIS ORCOLLO -- +200 Bet 100 to win 200
3. TONY CHOHAN -- +300 Bet 100 to win 300
4. FRANCISCO BUSTAMANTE -- +375 Bet 100 to win 375
5. SCOTT FROST -- +400 Bet 100 TO WIN 400
6. COREY DEUEL -- +450 Bet 100 to win 450
7. JUSTIN HALL -- +450
8. EFREN REYES -- +550 Bet 100 to win 550
9. DANNY SMITH -- +550
10. CHIP COMPTON -- +550
11. JOSH ROBERTS -- +600 BET 90 TO WIN 540
12. JASON BROWN -- +600
13. EVAN LUNDA -- +600
14. JEREMY JONES -- +800 BET 68 TO WIN 545
15. ROBERTO GOMEZ -- +800
16. MARK GREGORY -- NO BET (Sorry, don't know his game)

As before, we'll only accept bets from people we know or can verify with people we know.

We'll settle up both directions via paypal the week after (or you can do snail mail if you prefer.)

Good luck

Last edited by NH Steve; 05-19-2019 at 09:37 AM.
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