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Old 08-21-2019, 01:03 PM
jerry matchin jerry matchin is offline
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Maybe I'm just too OLD to change but if you rack the balls and make a ball on the break, just keep shooting. Why should you be penalized for racking the balls well and making a ball on the break? In nine ball its an advantage for the bottom balls to be racked loose as we see in the wing ball flying in the hole. In one pocket the balls all have to be frozen for a ball to potentially be made. So, you rack the balls frozen and split the first two balls EXACTLY perfect and make a ball and now you're penalized? Backwards pool IMO.
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Old 08-21-2019, 01:42 PM
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Tom Wirth Tom Wirth is offline
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Thank You, Jerry.

"Controlled Aggression" trwirth369@gmail.com
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Old 08-22-2019, 05:20 AM
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Originally Posted by beatle View Post
usually those that cant win and think they are the better player need to find a way to get the luck out of the game and propose all sorts of rules to accomplish that and all they do is end up with things that hurt them even more.
the truth is the better player wins no matter how you change the rules.
Pretty much!

I like rack your own, and if you make a ball on the break, congratulations, and keep shooting. I don't know anyone that can make them consistently, and if they start, you can bet I'm going to be inspecting every rack.
Re-rack also eliminates break and runs, which are pretty rare in 1 pocket. I want another one someday.
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