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Old 03-09-2017, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by wincardona View Post
I agree with both Franks choice and Bill's choice noted above, Frank's is a very simple safety but if the 7ball is lined up to take the 10ball and 7ball away it could position both balls on the other side of the table and that wouldn't be good. Ghost's safety by playing the 7ball close to the 4ball using inside english is the better safety because you figure to win the first move off of his safety and there aren't any shots that could position two balls on the other side of the table.

The shot that is bolded above is a good offensive shot and it offers a good cue ball and no kisses. However, there are a couple things that can go wrong with the shot, one being that the 4ball could hit the side point and end up selling out a shot, the other is that you could over cut the 4ball and it could go two rails toward your opponents pocket. This option would be more inviting if the score were different, like maybe both players needing two balls or if the shooter needed all three balls then this option would be a very viable choice.

Dr. Bill
I like Ghost's shot here, easy to do and safe... Jerry, I looked at that shot on the 4 ball and the way it lays, I couldn't decide if the kiss was on or not... In fact, I didn't know which would pass above which when they are in the same quadrant.. I assume you would be going to the long rail with the CB on the foot rail side of the side pocket and it looks very close to me regarding the kiss if that was your plan... Like Billy I. said, which I agree with, several things can go wrong and with the score as is, probably not the best option...
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Old 03-09-2017, 02:15 PM
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Default WWYD - You Need 1

Originally Posted by jerry matchin View Post
There are a lot of shots one could shoot but one shot I wouldn't shoot is anything concerning the ten ball. So that leaves the other two to choose from. Island liked banking the spotted ball and if struck correctly could end the game. The Barber played safe off the ball by the ten ball and that's a good choice too. I'd get the spotted ball up table and might even consider banking it three rails towards my hole and dragging the cueball back up table. It's a pretty free shot and will put heat on my opponent if I get it anywhere by my hole.

Where will the CB end up in this scenario? And the 4. Just wondering what your goal is here concerning them.
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Old 03-10-2017, 05:05 AM
Kybanks Kybanks is online now
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I believe I am banking the 4 ball long rail, crossing it with left english and sending cb to bottom left pocket and 4 ball to bottom right pocket. I like my chances from this spot.
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Old 03-10-2017, 03:34 PM
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okay look. you need one he needs three so it is most important to get a ball out of play. so the 7 is it. and his next shot is going to be sending away your 10 ball.

so hitting the ten closer and sending the 7 up tale to your side accomplishes both.

also if you bump the ten in or hang it you basically win the game.

if you bump it and leave the cue ball close and in line it makes it hard for him to knock it away with out turning the cue ball loose.

if you hit it bad you send the 7 up table and leave the cue ball against or close to the ten. that isnt bad either

giving up a winning chance hurts a lot in any game. you need i feel a good reason not to go for any decent winning chance. and in this spot i dont really see a reason for the other shots.

also unless you leave him inline close to the ten he might roll behind it and hook you there. then you situation changes quickly
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