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Old 12-19-2017, 03:11 PM
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Default OnePocket.org challenge match

Originally Posted by NH Steve View Post
I had an idea a few years ago for sort of a very simple One Pocket "Travel League" (for lack of a better description lol). The idea being take two players that are not too far apart, and for the purpose of a match they would be "partners" -- travel partners being the main motivation. So those two players travel together to meet two other players somewhere again not too, too far away, but possibly an overnight in those areas where players are further scattered, considering you now have a travel partner -- or at least someone to share company on a longer drive, if necessary. The matches would consist of a mix and match of singles, and could also include a partners match.

In our vBulliten software I believe I could add a zipcode field -- that would not have to be your actual home residence zipcode (it could if you wanted) but I was thinking more relevant would be the zipcode for where you like to play. For many of us I suspect its not the same zipcode -- for some of you lucky ones maybe it is where you live too. Then maybe with some programing help a map of us might even be possible???

Something like this might work for us.

I like your idea. We can create a customized Google map with markers for each members hometown or hometown pool room. This would need to go on the website as a new page (protected from non member eyes?) but could be referenced in a new Matchups forum or whatever you want to call it. Then we go from there...

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