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Old 06-05-2018, 01:44 PM
keoneyo keoneyo is offline
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Great win Jim. You came back from some tough situations but kept it in tight and came through when you had to. The last 3 balls on Dave showed your temerity and knowledge about your game. Congrats.
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Old 06-05-2018, 01:51 PM
keoneyo keoneyo is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2014
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Originally Posted by jerry matchin View Post
What a tournament. I had so much fun seeing everyone on our site. Chris Swart for offering up his room and added monies, Steve Booth for staging, Daniel Busch for streaming and all the members behind the scenes helping put the event together can not be overlooked. Jim (Pilot) played the best of anyone and deserved his win. A break here or there could have seen different players being on top at the end but that's the nature of our game. You have to get a few roles and play well to be there at the end. I felt that about at least fifteen of our players could have won the event. That's how close the skill levels were. One point of interest is how my final match with the pilot played out. First off the hot seat winner was awarded the first break in our race to three. I think that was a very good rule. The hot seat should be awarded that advantage for playing well through the event. In my mind there was no controversy about laying the cue on the table which I did do it in pattering out some of my shots. I was reminded about it and that's that. Frankly I am disappointed in myself for not knowing that rule. There has been quite a lot said about shot clocks and so forth. We have beaten that to death over the years both on our site and other sites. I say play to the rules of the event and if those rules conflict with your opinions, don't play. The recent event at Buffalo's allowed players to climb on the tables. OK those were the rules. Sorry for my digression. I played seventeen hours on the last day and loved every minute of it. My wife tells me to lose weight so I'll have better stamina. Why would I do that? Lastly, Pilot get your good playing behind back to Ventura cause I want a rematch. Good shooting Jim.
Great playing Jerry. You certainly are an inspiration to us 70 year olders.
Really would love to see you, Jim, and Dave play each other on rest. It would be real close.
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Old 06-06-2018, 01:16 PM
JohnInNH JohnInNH is offline
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Originally Posted by jtompilot View Post
I would like to thank Steve for an outstanding event for us and onepocket.org and thank you to California Billiards for hosting this event. The food was great and the support staff is outstanding.

WOW, what an event. I can honestly say everyone that participated in this event is very special in their own way. I enjoyed seeing my old roommate Dave Gross, Frank Da Barber, Robert, and everyone else. The new guys are also great, Mitch, Howard, Nick P, and look out for the new young gun Chris that I gambled with. Not only does he shoot super straight, but heís a super nice guy. My wife also enjoyed meeting the great gang of nice guys that make onepocket.org tournaments a special event not to be missed.

I donít know if anyone else had this problem but I had a severe case of nerves. My legs and arms were shaking. I was battling myself all the way through. My wife was there to help me and a few words of encouragement from others helped out. Maybe we need a few other tournaments during the year so we can get our tournament legs. Almost every match went hill-hill added to the the excitement.

I would like to apologize to Jerry. I donít remember what time we started the last game but I was so tired and not thinking straight, I started the last game and Jerry was still in the restroom. The other thing that came up was laying down the cue to line up a shot. I remember that being a foul for almost as long as Iíve been playing pool. I was not about to call a foul on that but brought it up after the fact to get a ruling on that in the future.

That was one great pool room. Thanks again to everyone.
Hi all,

I agree with everything that was said by Steve in an earlier post about the event and our host California billiards.

Congratulations to everyone who attended this event, you are what made it special for me, it was great seeing old acquaintances and meeting new ones,
you are all winners to me.

While I did not play my best, some of that might have something to do with the competition.

Special thanks to my roommate Tom Wirth for finding a hotel a block away from the pool room and putting up with me for a week, yes I did buy his book.

It was great spending time with my old friend Carey previously from Boston and now residing in California.

Hope everyone got home safely?

See you all next year?

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