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Old 03-24-2019, 05:36 AM
El Chapo El Chapo is offline
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This is probably not the right time or place to bring this up, but one of the huge areas that needs improvement in one pocket rules is foul penalties in my opinion.

One thought i have had is what do you guys think about addressing this with potentially much greater offensive opportunities. The cool thing about this potential rule is, depending on how fast you want a tournament to go, you can have different "levels"...

A player gets ball in hand behind the head string as it stands. Why not let the incoming player have that same opportunity, but, if he wants to shoot from further up the table at a ball across the middle string for example, he can.

The rule would essentially be the same as it is now, must shoot a ball that is in front of the headstring, but you could move the cb up the table. So whichever the td chise as the limit, lets say the middle string of the table, he could now shoot with the cue ball in the middle of the table, as long as the ball he was shooting was beyond that line. He could also decline that ability, and shoot a ball with the cb behind the headstring if he wanted to shoot a ball that was laying just past the headstring. I made that sound confusing, but if you got it I think it is a good rule. And, the each tournamnet could place the maximum line as far as they wanted. I suppose you could use the foot string as the maximum line if you wanted, as long as the ball you were shooting was beyond it. You could always choose a line string "below" the max line, but never one above as the incoming shooter.
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