Hall of Fame Banquet Information

Unfortunately, due to Covid travel restrictions impact on the players in particular, there will NOT be a One Pocket Hall of Fame dinner at Buffalo’s later this month. Francisco Bustamante will not be there (apparently stuck in the Philipines), and Alex Pagulayan is not expected to arrive in time either, although he still hopes to get to Buffalo’s for the big tournament (which starts the next day I believe).

HOWEVER, WE WILL STILL BE DOING A “LIFETIME POOL IN ACTION” HONOR FOR JOHN HENDERSON. That we can still do, because it was going to have to be remote anyway, with John still in re-hab hospital in California recovering from cancer. The plan is to honor John prior to 7PM Wed the 26th, but instead of a dinner, those on site will simply be gathered around the poolactiontv broadcast table, where it can be streamed live.

I have refunded everybody who already paid. I am sorry for the disappointment, but it is simply circumstances way beyond our control. Those of you who already made travel arrangements to be in New Orleans for the HOF dinner, I am very sorry for any inconvenience and expense — I hope you still come for the stellar One Pocket tournament, and accompanying action, and show your support in celebrating with John Henderson (via remote connection) on the 26th!

Thank you for understanding!!

If you would like to help support onepocket.org in another way or know of any sponsors who may be interested, feel free to contact us.

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The One Pocket Hall of Fame and Legends of Bank Pool are the creation of OnePocket.org in partnership with Diamond Billiard Products and the Derby City Classic. Our Hall of Fame has no affiliation with the Billiard Congress of America or the BCA Hall of Fame.