2010 Hall of Fame Raffle Items

OnePocket.org is pleased to announce a benefit for the One Pocket Hall of Fame, one entry spot in to the 2011 US Open One Pocket tournament coming up in May, 2011. This is made possible by the generous donation of Mark Griffin.

All the proceeds go to support the One Pocket Hall of Fame.

thank you for your support!

Item(s) Description
Derby Cues Design DC12

five points ebony with veneers into bird’s eye maple
twenty ivory inlays
black leather wrap

Derby Cues now available at BankingWithTheBeard.com

One Entry in to the 2011 US Open One Pocket

Las Vegas, NV, May 12-15
Donated by Mark Griffin of Cue Sports International
This is for the tournament entry only, which is a $340 value — you will still be responsible for your own travel & lodging, etc.

One Pocket DVD package:

Including Scott Frost Power One Pocket
Scott Frost vs Cliff Joyner Challenge
Scott Frost vs Efren Reyes
Donated by Lenny at www.ontherailtv.com

11″ x 14″ print

of any photo in the www.poolinaction.com galleries
Donated by Steve Booth