Bank Pool

  • Larry Price

    Larry Price down on his shot at the 2010 Derby City Classic Larry Price was born January 13, 1952 at Paintsville, KY, to the late Bill and Louella Price. Larry was one of five Price brothers, and all of them got their start at the poolroom in Mullins, West Virginia, that just happened to be owned […]

  • John Brumback

    Banks champion John Brumback was born November 9, 1963, and grew up in the small town of Owenton, KY. It was a small town, but still had its own small poolroom. Furthermore, Owenton was within 60 miles of the Bank Pool Mecca’s of Lexington, Louisville and Cincinnati. When John was only about 6 years old, […]

  • Glenn Rogers

    Piggy banking out at the Derby City Classic 2010 Glenn ‘Piggy Banks’ Rogers was born and raised on the West Side of Chicago, near the Bulls stadium. As a teenager, he had a good shoe shine business going, and when Glenn discovered pool, but was still too young to play in the poolroom, he convinced […]

  • Tony Ferguson

    Tony Fargo competing in the one-handed One Pocket mini at Derby City in 2006 A modern master of traditional full rack Banks, Tony ‘Fargo’ Ferguson topped our 2008 Bank Pool vote. Tony grew up in the heart of Banks country but it was a road trip to Southern California that was his main introduction to […]

  • Donny Anderson

    Donny Anderson congratulated by fellow Bank Pool Hall of Fame inductees Truman Hogue and Freddy ‘The Beard’ Bentivegna Diana Hoppe photo Born June 9th, 1929, as a youngster Donny Anderson picked up an interest in Bank Pool from his father, who was a “halfway decent player” himself, according to Donny. At that time there just happened […]

  • Javanley Washington

    Photo courtesy Sylvester Duncan Born Javanley Washington July 19th, 1926 in Arkansas. As a youngster he developed into a very strong player, hence the nickname, ‘Youngblood’. Often affectionately shortened by his friends to just ‘Blood’. Youngblood was a proud and dignified player who would rather challenge the best, and play his best, than set-up a […]

  • Vernon Elliott

    Vernon Elliott in good spirits after his induction into our Hall of Fame for Bank Pool Diana Hoppe photo Vernon Elliott, like fellow Legend of Bank Pool, the late ‘Cornbread Red‘, is a tough country bred Kentucky road player from the old school. Except unlike Red, Vernon completely shunned the publicity of tournaments, never once playing in […]

  • John Chapman

    Photo courtesy Fred Bentivegna A great banker, John ‘Cannonball’ Chapman possessed with one of the most powerful strokes in the history of the game. He reportedly got his nickname from Fats, because of his preference for firing his long banks in with such explosive power. Ray Booth, a fellow road player, was so impressed that […]

  • Gary Spaeth

    Gary showing his winning form at the Clyde Childress tournament photo courtesy of Bill Porter Gary Spaeth grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and was introduced to pool at a very early age by his father, Joey ‘Cincinnati Kid’ Spaeth, who just happened to be a Johnston City and Stardust regular. Joey Spaeth was one of […]

  • Truman Hogue

    Truman Hogue grew up in the heart of Bank Pool country, in Louisville, Kentucky. Born January 11, 1946, Truman grew up in Danville, Kentucky, about 30 miles outside of Lexington. He got his start playing pool at about eleven years old when his mom used to work at a restaurant that had pool tables in […]

  • Freddy Bentivegna

    Freddy at Grady Mathews’ 2004 Gulf Coast Classic Freddy ‘the Beard’  Bentivegna grew up in Chicago, where he first took to pool in a neighborhood bowling alley that had a few well-worn pool tables. Later, he started to make trips to the shark-infested environs of Bensinger’s downtown poolroom. At first repeatedly sent home broke, Freddy […]