One Pocket

  • Jack Cooney

    Elusive under-cover master Jack Cooney is one of the modern icons of action One Pocket, and a prime example of “After Hours Legends who have demonstrated their excellence and their heart by matching up against the best of their time,” to quote from the One Pocket Hall of Fame selection criteria. Jack’s early education in One […]

  • The Jansco Brothers

    Pool had suffered a major decline during the 50’s culture of wholesome family idealism and in 1961 tournaments were virtually non-existent. Yet this was also the year that the blockbuster movie, The Hustler, was released. And it just so happened that one of the era’s biggest (and most vocal) pool hustlers lived near the small […]

  • Billy Incardona

    Pittsburgh Billy Incardona has been a solid One Pocket player and after hours legend for many years now. In fact, he’s still mixing it up against a whole new generation of players today. Of course, as the ‘voice of Accustats’, he has helped educate thousands of players in our favorite game. Recently Billy has also […]

  • Jimmy Fusco

    Known as ‘The Philadelphia Flash’, Jimmy Fusco has matured into one of the patriarchs of Philadelphia’s legendary One Pocket scene. For years a top tournament player and action veteran, Jimmy is one of the very few living Johnston City winners. He was the One Pocket champion in the 1972 Johnston City tournament that was interrupted […]

  • Hayden Lingo

    Reportedly Hayden Lingo is second from left, middle row. Although captioned “First Tournament” 1961 in the 1969 Johnston City program, this photo was actually taken later, probably in 1963. Often cited as ‘the man that invented One Pocket’, it is more likely that he was just such a strong early practitioner of the game that he and […]

  • John Fitzpatrick

    John ‘Rags’ Fitzpatrick was a very talented player and dapper gentleman whose name nearly always comes up among old-timers as the top all-around road player of his time. Yet he is largely unknown today, and missing from the record books, mainly because he died at the age of 41 in 1960. The date is significant, […]

  • Melvin Brooks

    A lifelong resident of Washington, DC, ‘Strawberry’ was born Dec 10th, 1933, so he just turned 73 earlier this month. He was a family man and a US Army veteran and then worked for the Post Office for a time before he turned to pool full-time to support his family. He had nine sons and […]

  • Eddie Taylor

    Originally from Knoxville Tennessee, Eddie Taylor was the elder statesman of the generation of One Pocket legends that were already strong players well before the first 1961 Johnston City event. Growing up in the heart of Bank Pool country, Eddie became the master at Banks in the early 40’s, and is generally acknowledged as the […]

  • Leonard Rucker

    Leonard Rucker — but everybody called him Bugs — hailed from Chicago, IL, where he developed into a very strong Bank Pool player as a teenager. Like fellow Hall of Famer Eddie Taylor, Bugs took advantage of his tremendous banking skills to go on to develop a very strong One Pocket game. * As a […]

  • Ed Kelly

    ‘Champagne Eddie’ Kelly was born May 17th, 1938 in Waterbury, Connecticut, and it was in Waterbury that he first began to wander into the local poolroom. He found a natural calling for the game, which led him to start a little hustling by the time he was fourteen. After a stint in the Marine Corps, […]

  • Steve Cook

    One Pocket legend Steve Cook died in his sleep at his home in Lima, Ohio at the age of 56. Under the tutelage of Junior ‘Lefty’ Goff he took to One Pocket as a young man, surprising the field with his 1970 Stardust victory. His boyish looks belied his fierce competitive talent, earning him the […]

  • Marshall Carpenter

    Marshall Carpenter was born in February, 1928 in the same Alabama town of Tuscaloosa in which he still lives. He started going in to the poolrooms as a kid selling peanuts, which led to his nickname, ‘The Tuscaloosa Squirrel’. Gambling was deeply ingrained in that part of the South at the time, and Squirrel quickly […]