• 2009 One Pocket Hall of Fame Dinner

    Jack & Barbara Cooney & Jimmy ‘Flyboy’ Spears Congratulations to our new Hall of Fame inductees! There was a heck of a party inside the Horseshoe Southern Indiana Tuesday night, despite the worst ice storm in recent memory that paralyzed the region outside. The late legendary player Marvin Henderson and living legends of action Jack […]

  • 2008 Hall of Fame votes are in!

    Danny Di Liberto & Steve Booth photo courtesy Diana Hoppe is pleased to announce the results of their 2008 Hall of Fame elections. Come January 27th, it will be Jack Cooney and the late Marvin Henderson inducted for One Pocket, and Tony ‘Fargo’ Ferguson for Bank Pool. In addition, the Lifetime Pool in Action […]

  • Rack ’em up with Artie Bodendorfer

    This interview took place January, 10, 2006, when Artie came to the Derby City Classic in Louisville, Kentucky for his induction into the One Pocket Hall of Fame. Artie is one of our less well known hall of fame inductees because he avoided tournaments, and the limelight in general, preferring after hours matches that gave […]

  • Banking Legend ‘Youngblood’ dead at 82

    A family member has reported that the elderly Banks legend Javanley ‘Youngblood’ Washington died of a heart attack in his home in late July of this year. He had been living alone, and his body was discovered July 28th, but the coroner’s office determined that the actual date of his death was several days earlier. […]

  • ‘Hollywood Jack’ Memorial One Pocket

    Sylver Ochoa, who took second in both the mini and the main event Billed as the “First Annual Hollywood Jack Memorial Tournament”, the stellar field did credit to the memory of the late Hollywood Jack for sure. With the generous support of Hollywood Billiards ($3000 added) and the energy of veteran tournament director Jay Helfert, nearly […]

  • Scott Frost vs Efren Reyes Challenge Match

    Scott Frost, the winner Photo courtesy Rixx Images Efren Reyes, the acknowledged best One Pocket player in the world, was at Kolbys Corner Pocket in Tempe Arizona to play local superstar Scott Frost in an exciting challenge match for a $5000 purse. But in Scott’s home room, on his home table, Efren found he had […]

  • Shane Van Boening Wins the 2008 Louie Roberts Award

    Shane Van Boening 2008 Action/Entertainment Award winner The young man from South Dakota continues to raise his game — or games — to new levels, as he took on big name after big name in late night action all week at Derby City. Although it might have cost him a little in his showing in […]

  • 2008 One Pocket Hall of Fame Dinner

    Grady with One Pocket inductee Jimmy Fusco Congratulations to our new Hall of Fame inductees! It was another full house for the 2008 One Pocket Hall of Fame dinner held Tuesday night during the middle of the action at the Derby City Classic in Louisville, Kentucky. With special guests with names like Reyes, Varner, Bustamante […]

  • 2007 Hall of Fame votes are in! is pleased to announce that we will be inducting two players into the One Pocket Hall of Fame this year, the ‘voice of Accustats’, Billy Incardona, and Philadelphia’s Jimmy Fusco. Both of these guys are not only strong players, they have decidedly contributed to the growth and popularity of the game. Our third inductee […]

  • Leonard ‘Bugs’ Rucker Dies

    Chicago’s legendary Banks and One Pocket Hall of Fame player Leonard ‘Bugs’ Rucker died today at the age of 69. He had been lately suffering from the severe advancement of Diabetes. Bugs was considered by many to be heir to the title the world’s best banker after Eddie Taylor retired, and he incorporated his banking […]

  • 2007 US Open Banks & One Pocket Champions

    Local veteran John Brumback came out of the one-loss side to win the US Open Bank Pool Championships at Qlympics in Louisville, KY. Meanwhile, Tony Chohan is our new US Open One Pocket champion.

  • Rack ’em up with the late Al ‘NY Blackie’ Bonife

    This interview took place back on May 5th, 2005, when Blackie was living in Florida. I had always hoped to follow up with Blackie, but that didn’t happen, and unfortunately he died August 15, 2007. Al Bonife, better known as ‘NY Blackie‘, was a real straight shooter and an astute game maker. He was a […]