Miscellaneous Events

  • Nevel tops Putnam to win the 2005 Southern Classic Open One Pocket

    Larry Nevel topped a strong field of 47 players for the One Pocket division title of the Southern Classic, coming out of the one-loss side to defeat Shawn Putnam 5-3 in the finals. The One Pocket is the first of three events in this “Grand Opening tournament” in the brand new poolroom, The Pool Room […]

  • Gabe Owen wins Carolina’s Open One Pocket

    Gabe Owen during his match with traveling companion Jeremy Jones As the tournament progressed, it looked like destiny well scripted, as Katrina evacuee Mike Surber advanced through one half of the winner’s bracket, and One Pocket Hall of Fame honoree Nick Varner moved through the other half. Surber might have had a little extra motivation to […]

  • Hard Times 2005 Summer Jamboree

    Hard Times in Sacramento, CA has a real nice tournament setup in a separate room with eight extra tight tables and bleacher seating Hard Times kicked off its annual Summer Jamboree with a series of mini tournaments Monday night. True to its reputation as a hotbed for One Pocket, 4 out of the 5 minis […]

  • 2004 Gulf Coast Classic

    Taken from Grady’s post on the onepocket.org forums: This was the best tournament I have ever produced, for various reasons, not the least of which was the wonderful volunteer help. Rick Lowell, James Brown and Travis Dennis worked long hours and did much to enhance the workings of a difficult event, what with no less […]