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    John vs. Ray 7 - wwyd?

    I would shoot the nine into the rail and carom the 10 in with a touch of right to play for the nine next. I don't see any future in trying to hide opponent from a shot at his hole , that will make it too easy for him to empty my side. I am playing to make the 10 !!
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    Birthday....Birthday....1 HOLE NUT

    Happy Birthday nut
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    Donn vs. Pete 1 wwyd?

    Go to side rail and kick the one in
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    W Diddy Doo 1

    I'm not smart enough to play
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    Donn vs. John 12 wwyd?

    I have been looking at so much fantasy land pool lately, I missed the easy bank on the 13 ball, I know I would not have missed it at the table ,it's just a different perspective than I am used to. I would be banking the 13 all day long.
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    Donn vs. John 12 wwyd?

    Nice vision, how about playing the 13 off the left edge of the one toward your pocket?
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    Donn vs. John 12 wwyd?

    Bank the 4 go over for the 6 and run out, after that 10 9 combination twist bank , this is a hanger.
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    John vs. Barry 9 - wwyd?

    Please tell him I said great shot, he had to hit it perfect for both things to happen, while stretched out a long way.
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    John vs. Barry 9 - wwyd?

    All I can say is another great shot. I am having a hard time believing the 6 ball is that close to the pocket unless everything is covered in chalk or talcum powder.
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    3-Cushion applications for One Pocket

    I saw this video when you first made it, 2012 I think, awesome shot making. I also enjoyed your 3 cushion videos, wish I had a great stroke like that,
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    wwyd #2 Baby Huey - We got options

    If I didn't see it, I wouldn't have thought it went, and the 10 gets out of the way, it just doesn't look like there is enough angle. nice shot!
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    Scott FROST vs. Efren REYES - 2016 DERBY CITY CLASSIC ONE-POCKET - - - Ghost & Steve Booth commentating!

    Is the little oriental guy the one who always runs with Dan Louie ?
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    John vs. Barry 9 - wwyd?

    Jump draw into the 4 1 combo ,it hits opponents long rail, caroms into the 10, sending it to your side, making the 6 , 1 goes into stack , 4 caroms into 13 sending it toward your pocket. draw back and shoot 15 straight in , clean up all the balls you just sent to your pocket. Bow deeply and...
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    wwyd #2 Baby Huey - We got options

    The 10 ball 3 rails looks like it will go too long to me , has someone made it? I would also bet that the 10 9 doesn't bank 1 rail and make, if it does get close the 10 will be there waiting for it , unless you play it at warp speed
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    wwyd #2 Baby Huey - We got options

    You posted at 11 :33 mine showed up 8 minutes later , I was answering when you posted and pilot an hour later, 3 Musketeers ? or 3 Stooges? I have always read that, there is no transfer of spin to the 3rd ball at any distance under normal conditions. Is this incorrect?