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    Birthday....Birthday....1 HOLE NUT

    Happy Birthday J, i hope you have a great day.
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    5 rack game?

    Nice shooting Chris. Does your cloth fade where the sunlight hits?
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    5 rack game?

    Whitey what kind of bike is that?
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    Donn vs. John 12 wwyd?

    Bank the 13 pocket speed, cb hits the 1 moving to your side.
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    Mary Kenniston inducted in to billiards hall of fame

    Congratulations Mary on a achievement very few have accomplished. Ben
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    Covid 19 one hole

    You mean the beast who claims he has retired from pool?
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    Ghost vs. Steve 8 wwyd ?

    You need something that goes on your side. 2 rail the 9 opening the 9/1/14 with follow dropping the cb to the end rail. It appears to be a natural shot with no double.
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    WWYD Baby Huey

    5 off the 8 with straight top, 4 rail the Cb around for the 9.
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    Utilizing maximum outside spin/english...

    I use varying degrees of this shot a lot , especially when working in tight spaces.
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    5 rack game?

    When I play the ghost I take BIH after the break and spot the ball if made in my pocket.
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    5 rack game?

    When Filler Was trapped at Roys he was playing the Ghost in all games. When playing 1P he took ball in hand after the break and the line was 45.5 as I recall. If a ball was made on the break it came up.
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    The 15 ball "Walrus" Run in it's Entirety

    Dave another great 15 and out.....nice victory lap as well!
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    Hey brother Steve!, you make sure and have yourself a...

    Happy birthday Steve, I hope you have a great day.
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    Happy Birthday John Henderson

    Happy Birthday John, I hope you have a great day my friend.