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    Tuesday July 28th 7pm central-Justin Bergman vs Danny Harriman-Full Rack Banks Old School Style 😲

    I read where Bergman won three sets in a row, but DH was competitive and played pretty well..
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    Happy B'Day to Island Drive

    Happy B Day, Big Guy... And try to stay out of The Super Max place...
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    You need 6, how to get out.

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    John vs. Ray 6 - wwyd?

    That's what I would end up probably shooting, because I can usually execute that, but I'd still be concerned about him banking that 14 and using the four as a jojo stopper for po, and he would probably kiss it in off the six with my luck... werk. Glad U back...You have an unpaid bill you need...
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    I Am the Walrus WWYD, trying to run all 15 balls

    Good shootin.. I read your original post carefully, but when I chose, I actually reverted back to thinking about needing five more. Not going for all 15.. I think you did right, now.. (alibi J?)..But these type of things are a lot of fun to me.. TY...
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    I Am the Walrus WWYD, trying to run all 15 balls

    I think I would go for the eight six right now..
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    Baby Huey and The Pilot are facing off this week!

    Yes it was.. I saw half of it live, and watched the rest on YouTube.. Thanks.. Good shootin... Baby Huey had a couple of devastating fouls, especially the no rail foul when leading 7-5. Could have easily been 4-3, . I always like tables that rolled like that...
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    Happy Birthday John Henderson

    Happy Birthday To John....
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    Donn vs. John 12 wwyd?

    I admit, I'm dumb as hell on these shots.. Is the cue ball suppose to go through the intersection before the three gets there, or after the three goes by???
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    John vs. Barry 7 - the end game - wwyd?

    Happy 4th.. Your shots are a HIGH POINT. YOU DA MAN. AND GHOST...
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    Two other little kiss shots by the rail

    There's plenty of times in 8 Ball where it's very advantageous to make a good hit on your ball and pocket your opponents ball as you unleash your ball that was tied up for later...
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    Members Map?

    I think it does.. You can move it with your cursor .. You can zoom in close up on things too. I was looking at streets over along The Vistula River in Poland just now.. Pretty nice...
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    What's everybody doing within or outside of the parameters of our lockdown?

    Hey Mister.. The names Gordon. Bert Gordon. Mister! You been sitting in that spot for hours. Would you mind moving? It bothers me..