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    Deuel vs Owen -- WWYD 1

    3 rail the greenish ball seems too obvious Corey probably kick / carom banked the 2 From the short rail And made the 4 at the same time
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    Ghost vs. Donn 14 wwyd?

    About 27 diamonds hard .....:eek::eek::eek:
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    The Freezer vs T-Rex

    Look forward to that one
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    5 rack game?

    Tha thanks for the reply whitey
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    5 rack game?

    Whitey your statement there is no requirement on the break is that the rule? ie cue ball or object ball does not have to hit a rail ?
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    Ghost vs. Donn 14 wwyd?

    This should be a good teaching point as I am curious how the better players think about the 15 ball your point is valid ....right now both players can win with the 15 where it is but here is my thinking and I have an open mind to change 1) why put one more ball in play if I don’t have to 2)...
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    Ghost vs. Donn 14 wwyd?

    My concern about going towards the 15 was knocking it in i like it being out of play
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    Lucky 13

    Nice shooting Dave with a lot of pressure...your wife watching....:D how was the banana bread ?
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    3 fouls, how common?

    i may be stupid or naive but if you know if you foul on your next shot you lose HOW DO YOU NOT DO SOMETHING????? EVEN IF YOU SELL OUT AND HE RUNS OUT YOU STILL MADE HIM HAVE TO RUN OUT just askin
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    Chip Compton is the next great American One Pocket Player

    lets see some more action matches with him in the box i have a premium subscription from so for a year i get to see it all its a great deal and i recommend to everyone to buy it
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    Ghost vs. Donn 14 wwyd?

    i did not think of the 3 railer whitey good call same idea but the 8 ends up closer to the pocket
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    Ghost vs. Donn 14 wwyd?

    i would bank the 8 to my threat zone and use the 7/3 for cover i know he could bank the 7 or 3 but if the 8 gets close enough to the side rail he will have trouble playing the cue ball safe if he misses the bank
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    One Pocket Action Match-Chip Compton vs Roberto Gomez-August 7th-8th-9th

    thanks for the reply ... 👍
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    One Pocket Action Match-Chip Compton vs Roberto Gomez-August 7th-8th-9th

    congrats to chip for the win yes its nice to see moving beat shooting but for those that know roberto did we see his A game? if not was it chip or outside distractions ( ie girlfriend troubles etc) or both that was his kryptonite?
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    Tony Chohan's Kick Shot!

    that was amazing