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    "if you got something worth biting..." "you don't have to find the fish..." "the fish will find you." -Fisherman dude on the beach Cobra Kai S2:E4 (on Netflix ;))
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    Don't ask what happened next.

    pretty salty tom tom. pretty salty. shot to pocket the three with those balls tied up on the side pocket is worth another view....
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    Road Trip in October to Mississippi

    lemme guess.....after about the sixth or seventh cold one, everything he banks goes in like it has eyes.... :)
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    Road Trip in October to Mississippi

    this will light a fire under my backside to get some stuff done/cleaned up next couple/three weeks (just been staring at it for a
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    Road Trip in October to Mississippi

    look forward to seeing you brother....(basement is a disaster but the table is george) ;)
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    The Invisible Line

    several yrs ago (pretty sure i was chilln with ghost and nh steve) at DCC watched a late round match between harriman and bustamante. anyway, an official was called over from the desk to call a hit. harriman didn't agree with the call and objected - the official explained himself (attempted...
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    The Invisible Line

    probably not applicable to JRs particular situation here....but the best way I have seen to make a call is what evelyn dysart does: she makes the call (i don't think she says anything if its a good hit) then makes a bee line back to the tourney desk - and that's the end of it.
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    happy b-day doc. hope you have a good bro! admire and respect you immensely. :)
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    Happy Birthday, oldschool

    oldschool1478 - happy b day pal ! :)
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    Happy birthday, Rod!

    happy b-day rodney! hope you are doing well and have a great day. :)
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    Winning One Pocket

    i owned both of them. winning one pocket and shots/moves/strategies. paid out the nose for both, because i was told they are so good and any cerebral one pocket player should own them..... as a backdrop, i loan out books to friends. and i don't loan out a book to anyone - you gotta mean...
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    Happy birthday bob jewett

    happy bday bob! :)
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    3 minute interview of Paul Newman on the Hustler

    thanks tres. pretty cool.
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    Donn vs. Pete 2 wwyd?

    just wanna say props to Donn on the "Ghost Buster" user pic..... :D
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    Donn vs. Pete 2 wwyd?

    lag softly behind the four