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    One Pocket Action Match-Chip Compton vs Roberto Gomez-August 7th-8th-9th

    Won't this be looped tonight?
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    Don Lim, and Jimmy Duval RIP

    Jim worked at the Bay Area horse tracks for many years, a lesser known fact. I'm still wondering: did anyone ever see him play a match, tournament or gambling, where he tried hard to win? If so, what do you think was his top speed? I have the same question about Don...anybody have any idea...
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    Don Lim, and Jimmy Duval RIP

    I first met Don in the 90's at lots of pool events, but I didn't get to know him until a few years ago when I started playing 14.1 at Crown in San Ramon. He seemed like he knew what he was trying to do but he couldn't ever get it done on the table, however he never came up short with his...
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    Donn vs. John 12 wwyd?

    Banking the 13 and caroming the cue ball into the 1 ball is the obvious shot. The shot is not hard to make and the 1 is going to move up table with very little risk of a double kiss, while the cue ball will end up somewhere on that side in position for the next shot choice.
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    3 fouls, how common?

    hardly ever
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    Tuesday July 28th 7pm central-Justin Bergman vs Danny Harriman-Full Rack Banks Old School Style 😲

    I didn't watch so I didn't hear the commentators, but I think you've got it backwards. Full rack bank pool requires more safety play than does short rack; full rack games can easily last an hour or more while short rack games can be over in 3 minutes; full rack specialists will certainly play...
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    John vs. Barry 9 - wwyd?

    Well, couldn't you cut the 12 and go up table with a controlled cue ball, causing the frozen 12 to kiss off the 2 ball, rebound off the long rail and then go where? Wouldn't it hit into the stack of balls somewhere, pushing balls toward your side?
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    John vs. Barry 9 - wwyd?

    I can’t quite tell from the pictures that this shot is available, but if the 12 can be banked back into the 2 or the 1, I’d stun the cue ball up table so that it ends up along the long rail as close to the corner pocket as possible. The 12 is at least going to move several balls towards my...
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    hustlers jamboree

    I lived on the north shore then but I had a church group girlfriend who lived in Glen Ellyn so I took the train there a few times and we hung out in GE and Lombard. Never played any pool out there. Sure seemed like the sticks to me. I suppose all the farms are gone by now.
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    I hadn't considered the frozen yellow...good point...thx.
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    Why not just the simple 3 rail kick short-long-short to come into the two balls? Wouldn't that be a bigger target than the zig zag?
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    John vs. Rich 2 - wwyd?

    I don’t like any of the possible safety shots coming off the 9, 4 or 11. They all seem hard to manage and likely to leave some kind of return bank shot. So, I’m going to shoot at the 15-13 combo, to make the 13 or leave it close to my pocket, and draw the cue ball as close to the pocket as I...
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    Ghost vs. Steve 8 wwyd ?

    I love it. If you loaded up with low left, you could cut that sucker in and draw the cue ball just short of the side pocket and then spin it into the 13 ball and possibly make it, too.
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    Ghost vs. Steve 8 wwyd ?

    Hey, that's my shot! I came up with that before reading what you wrote. Although to me it looks like the 9 is going to catch the 3 first, which is fine. Either way the cue ball can glide right through the maelstrom and get to safety on the bottom rail.
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    WWYD Baby Huey

    very cool shot....thanks