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  1. gulfportdoc

    Looks like our FL boys will be getting some weather...

    I'm sure that y'all on the east coast are watching Isaias:
  2. gulfportdoc

    Mary Kenniston inducted in to billiards hall of fame

    This is the first I've heard of Mary's recent fantastic accomplishment. What a great honor for a wonderful gal!! Thanks to Jimmy B. for the heads-up. ~Doc
  3. gulfportdoc

    Anyone heard from LSJohn?

    Haven't seen him posting here in quite awhile. Is he on hiatus? Has anyone seen him?
  4. gulfportdoc

    Sam Elliot tribute to D-day veteran...

    This'll put a lump in your throat...
  5. gulfportdoc

    Janco's 9-ball rules?

    I noticed in our well written history of the Johnston City tournaments this statement about their 9-ball rules: In 1967, for the first time, 9-Ball was played “On any foul (except the break), opponent may place the cue ball anywhere on the table.” In prior years, “push-out” was the standard for...
  6. gulfportdoc

    Bill Incardona got hitched!

    Bill and Yvette were married on December 14 in Las Vegas. First saw the pictures posted by Jimmy in the Members' Only Forum, then saw Scott Frost's snapshots on FB. Congratulations, Billy!! You've got yourself a lovely lady to share your life with. I'm very happy for you both, and hope that...
  7. gulfportdoc

    James Davis, Sr.

    Where is James from? I saw him at the tournament last year, but didn't pay much attention to his game. He seems to be playing pretty damn sporty THIS year, beating both Runnels and Herchik. ~Doc
  8. gulfportdoc

    Larry and our FL east coasters...

    I don't know how many of y'all live near the south central east coast of Florida, but I imagine that you've started protective measures. Currently it looks like Dorian could impact anywhere from West Palm to Melbourne. Now a Cat. 1, it could go up to a 3 or even more. I'm sure you'll all be...
  9. gulfportdoc

    B. Hall vs. M. Marquez - '98 World 1P finals

    I haven't posted a WWYD in quite awhile due to the fact that when I switched OS's to Ubuntu, there is no "Greenshot" program formatted for Linux. So I'll try a scout WWYD simply with an online photo editor. Therefore there won't any arrows or text. Buddy Hall has just broken the balls very...
  10. gulfportdoc

    Buffalo's pro 16 man 1P v.s U.S. Open Vegas

    Looks like there is again a slight conflict between the two events. Buff's pro 16 man event runs May 23-26, whereas the U.S. Open runs May 24-June 1 at Griff's. However the U.S. Open starts with bank pool, then straight pool. The 1P doesn't start until May 30, so the guys that choose to do...
  11. gulfportdoc

    North Hollywood Billiards - article quotes Bill Smith

    I just happened upon this nice article from a few years back about the legendary North Hollywood Billiards, owned by Tiff Payne from 1962-1977, then by Larry Weir from 1977-2011. The article includes a brief interview of our Bill Smith...
  12. gulfportdoc

    DCC standings

    Does anyone know if they'll post the real time standings for the various events this year on the site, or will there be a different URL? The matches haven't started yet, so perhaps they'll fire up that feature when they begin. ~Doc
  13. gulfportdoc

    REWARD + GoFundMe Acct. to catch Mike Surber's murderer

    Mike Surber's brother, Steve, has put up a $10,000 reward for info leading to info & arrest of Mike's murderer. We have also opened a "Go Fund Me" account for donations to add to the reward. We are hoping that folks who can spare a few bucks will sweeten the pot so as to re-kindle and sharpen...
  14. gulfportdoc

    Griff's - Las Vegas

    Just a brief report on Griff's. It looks like Calif. Billiards will be the choice for the next 1P Member's Tournament, but nevertheless this superb Vegas room deserves to be on anyone's agenda to visit when in town. I was there on Monday, 10/2. Despite the grizzly massacre the night before at...
  15. gulfportdoc

    Doc in John Ford country...

    Doc and Miss Kitty have been on a trip to Monument Valley in the Navajo Res in Ariz./Utah. The first pic is in the middle of the valley "monuments" looking north, with the "West Mitten Butte" over my left shoulder. Unfortunately the weather was cold, rainy and misty. However the next morning...
  16. gulfportdoc

    Virgo boycott???

    Both Rod and Doc's birthdays have come and gone (9/5, 9/10), and not a peep. Is there a Virgo boycott? Rod especially could use a little birthday cheer on account of Harvey. Happy belated, ole buddy!:) ~Doc shameless soliciting
  17. gulfportdoc


    Bill is scheduled for his back surgery today in Dallas. He picked one of the top guys. I'm sure he'll let us know how he's doing in the next few days. ~Doc
  18. gulfportdoc


    Well, I can see that the site will be Deadsville for a few days while many of the the lads are in battle in Chicago. Anyone want to play cards? I'd put up a WWYD, but there would hardly be enough people to participate..:) ~Doc
  19. gulfportdoc

    N.Y. Blackie

    LSJohn mentioned in his journal story that he didn't know what Al "NY Blackie" Bonife looked like. Here is a nice interview, along with pictures, that Steve did with Blackie from 2005. There's also commentary from Buddy Hall and Little Al Romero:
  20. gulfportdoc

    Went over to Buffalo's...

    Went over to Buffalo's yesterday to see some of the 2 P.M. matches, see some old friends, and see the new room. First of all Buffalo's is very nice, a huge improvement over the Metairie facility. It's spacious, with 30' ceilings, plenty of walking room, and even clean bathrooms! Due to the...