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  1. catkins

    catkins derby report back

    Well, Great time at derby despite getting sick literally the day I got there and not getting better still. Banks won first two rounds first round against a friend of hard case from Atlanta. Shot well and finished match I think 3 1 Second round against super nice german guy (friend of...
  2. catkins

    new rules forum

    I was wondering if it would not be a bad idea to add a new forum for rules questions as it is nice to go back and look at them and have them all laid out in a single place
  3. catkins

    One pocket streaming now
  4. catkins

    yet another dcc report back

    Well getting back from my first derby I must say it was everything and more than I expected. I have been wanting to go for over ten years and to have it not disappoint me in the least was a bit of a surprise. I played decent winning my first two matches 3-o and still feel I should have won my...
  5. catkins

    safe in florida

    hoping every one in Florida is safe in the coming hurricane!
  6. catkins

    amazing billiards tourney

    I know it isn't one pocket but I watched some of this yesterday and was some super high level billiards and great to watch stream starts tommorow at 10 am est
  7. catkins

    daily action

    I would take daily action for 50 on alex and justin need to figure out details and who gets to chose there horse first but like the idea of loser from the first day gets to choose horse for second let me know will check back in by 5pm pst and see what can happen
  8. catkins

    wwyd tony v denis

    all information on screen tony's shot lower right is tony's pocket