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  1. Tobermory

    Don Lim, and Jimmy Duval RIP

    I first met Don in the 90's at lots of pool events, but I didn't get to know him until a few years ago when I started playing 14.1 at Crown in San Ramon. He seemed like he knew what he was trying to do but he couldn't ever get it done on the table, however he never came up short with his...
  2. Tobermory

    T-Rex vs The Killer Game by Game Analysis

    I don't know if anyone wants to do this, but this conversation has really got me wondering exactly what happened in this match. It's only 38 games, and it won't be the definitive match of the pandemic era (or will it?), but something is happening here and I'm not sure we know what it is. Since...
  3. Tobermory

    Looking for a game in LA on Oct. 23

    I'm coming down for something in the morning on 10/24, so I'm thinking of heading down the night before to check out one of the rooms where they play one pocket. Anybody interested in some $20-50/games in LA or OC?
  4. Tobermory

    WWYD at The Broken Rack

    Sax pro Joe and I were playing a little 20 dollar one pocket tonight. I'm giving him 9-7. We're tied at 7-5 when Joe came to the table after I missed the bank but left him long without a clear take out shot. There aren't a lot of choices, but WWYD?
  5. Tobermory

    Kevin McLaughlin vs. Michael Singsen Finals 2018

    One Pocket players in the Bay Area are very fortunate that California Cue Sports has sponsored a handicapped One Pocket league for the last few years. Our tournament director is Bee Davison, who you might have met at the members tournament in Fremont last year, who has been a fixture on the...
  6. Tobermory

    Report on the Shortstop Society Bay Area Event

    The Bay Area branch of the newly formed Shortstop Society met today at California Billiards in Fremont to hold its first round robin one pocket tourney. The Society has been conceived to provide an opportunity for players who fall within the broadly defined category of “shortstop” to test their...
  7. Tobermory

    It is wonderful to be a Shortstop

    Isn't it an amazing opportunity that reasonably seasoned 1p players have when they can wrangle competitively with top players and not come out of it feeling like they never had a chance? In what other important individual contest of skill and experience do 2nd and 3rd tier players, hell maybe...
  8. Tobermory

    Accu-stats vhs tapes from the 90's

    I've got a few dozen tapes of great 1p match-ups, and am looking to sell them off now. If there is any interest, let me know and I'll put up a list. I'm thinking they have to be worth about $10 each.
  9. Tobermory

    What is or should be the rule when a player puts their hand in the pocket

    Last night, in the case game of my match with George Michaels, he shot a standard crossing bank while pulling the cue ball two rails towards the far corner. He hit it a little hard and the cue ball was heading right towards the corner hole. As it rolled, he walked over and put his hand into...
  10. Tobermory

    One Pocket in London, Prague and Berlin

    I'm visiting these cities in September, and plan to seek out the pool scenes in each town. Any suggestions on places I might actually find one pocket players? Thanks.