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    hustlers jamboree

    arnaldo on azb posted this link if its new to you you should enjoy it
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    here is the layout you are the white ball since most of us dont play 3 cushion i will show what blomdahl shot for the 3 cushion players please comment on what would you have done since there usually is more than one way to score a point i know everyone immediately saw that as the answer..... 😎...
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    babey huey and bob jewett showed us a few of these dr dave just posted a link to a video about them you can see how many would be applicable to onepocket he credits bob jewett for help with the shots and video here is a direct link to the video...
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    Happy Birthday John Henderson

    Hope you have a great day John ... :)
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    joyner cooney wwyd>

    alittle more end game cliffs shot he leads 4-0 in ball count
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    Vapros I had to chuckle

    When in your last journal you said “baton rouge is a jumping town as is New Orleans one of our suburbs” having lived in New Orleans during my college days I had to chuckle at that.... (y) keep up your journals i enjoy reading them and your perspective on life stay safe bill larry
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    banking info from dr dave this might help some newbees and there might be a nugget for an oldee
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    busty efren 2345 continued

    there are a few more shots in this sequence i think will be fun to follow its now efrens shot efrens pocket is lower left other side of the 2 stripes
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    bustamonte vs efren again 2345

    busty's shot wwyd?? not a sexy wwyd but i will eventually show a sequence of a few shots its better than politics......:) busty's pocket is bottom right where the cue ball is behind the 2 stripes
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    busty vs danny

    busty's shot wwyd??
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    dennis vs tony

    its tony's shot bob.....the score is correct....:) wwYOUdo ???? since tony has a match coming up with busty i will try to find some wwyd with them individually or together if i have any (i cant delete the since below) since
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    efren scott smoking aces 2014

    its efrens shot first question is forget about who is playing because whichever side of the score eferen is on i am betting on him ghost asked this in another thread and its a good one if you were playing even against someone your level would you rather be ahead in the score and shooting ? why...
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    Luke Have a great day...🎂🎂🎂 And thank you for all you do for the site Larry
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    you vs him # 19

    your opponent scratched you have ball in hand standing in the kitchen your pocket is upper right the side where the 14 ball is around 2 1/2 diamonds up from your pocket wwyd ?
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    ignore this thread i will explain

    i am trying to learn about cte i need to show this pic to someone but i cant upload pics on that site
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    whitten 3x6

    very good condition...just a few scuffs...$525 weighs 7 lbs ...stick and inserts
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    hope you have a great day bill (y) (y) :) :) your buddy larry
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    old vs new rules

    this is from the 1962 johnston city hustlers jamboree this is from our current rules
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    your help appreciated

    score 6-2 me my pocket on the side of the cue ball i will explain why i didnt know what to do after i hear your analysis of the situation thanks for the help just trying to improve
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    mark wilson interviews efren reyes

    thanks to evergruven on azb for posting the link not strickly onepocket but for all efren has done for our sport i thought i would post it here instead of the members section