One Pocket Streams

NH Steve

Apr 25, 2004
I never played with ball in hand after the break
Yes, years back for several years at Derby City, there was a "One Pocket Challenge" doing basically what Filler was doing except I believe you shot from where it was after the break. On a scratch you got BIH behind the line but I believe -1 to your score. However the scratch was possibly worth it as I recall because of the BIH start. Back then they were not smashing the pack open but instead using an extra firm break from a specific side, swinging the cue ball up around the middle of the table and starting like that. That's what I remember. Jay Helfert was the principle behind it. helped sponsor it by adding a little money I think. For 100 you got 3 sets of 5 racks each or something like that. And if you wanted to give it another swing you could throw in another 100 for 3 more tries.

The record was Gabe Owen, who put together 60 in 5 racks that way, and I believe that was a good 5 balls above the next best, even with multiple efforts by guys like Alex and Efren and Corey.

One year Corey was betting he would run 15 vs the ghost. Might have been getting 2-1 on the money or something. If it was even money that says a lot!! He was doing it quite frequently apparently but when I was watching a ball hung up in a different pocket and the guy Corey was betting refused that the rule was if Corey knocked that into the other pocket (while making a ball in his own pocket), it would spot up. Of course if Corey couldn't spot it up he was done right there. Corey may have neglected to explain that rule before the bet, I missed that part.