2023 OnePocket.org MOT

Chicago Brings Home the Cheese!

Congratulations to “Chicago Mike” Eck, who came out of the one loss side to topple hot seat winner “12Squared” Dave Gross in the single race to 4 finals. We had a well balanced full field thanks to a large number of western members from LA up to Vancouver who make sure they don’t miss out when we come this way. Third place went to defending champion Jim “The Pilot” Tomassoni, and fourth to “Preacher Ronn” Rutan.

Thursday night featured a One Ball One Pocket “mini” tournament with 13 players. We played races to 4 single elimination, standard 1B1P rules but including a foul limit (if you need 3, loss of game). It came down to Dave Gross & 83 year old One Pocket HOF’er John Henderson splitting 1/2.

For our main event we had a full 32 player field, with CA Billiards owner Chris Swart adding $750, for a $3940 total prize fund up for grabs, along with the traveling “King Cobra” trophy.

1st $1450 + Side $880: Mike Eck
2nd $900 + Side $550: Dave Gross
3th $550 + Side $330: Jim Tomassoni
4th $350 + Side $220: Ronn Rutan
5/6th $225 + $105: Side John Henderson & Robert Newkirk
7/8th $125: Jeff Nystrom & Walter Dorsey

Big thank you to our genial host Chris Swart and his entire staff for taking such good care of us for our 2023 annual Members Only Tournament. Likewise, thank you Bee Davidson for being there every minute as tournament director, and John Henderson for so ably serving as our CA liaison.

Also thank you Collins of Post-Up for the free livestream. Collins has a neat little sound booth to broadcast from and was live the full four days, including Thursday night’s mini tournament, and always had one our members at his second mic. You can find Post-Up (and all of our streamed matches) here: